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My Subscriptions
Netflix – $7.99
Spotify – $9.99
Audible – $14.95
Planet Fitness – $30
Cancel Audible
Got it. We'll cancel Audible for you.

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Cancel subscriptions

We send you a list of your subscriptions and cancel the ones you don't want for you.
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Securely connect your bank account

We use state-of-the-art security practices (256-bit encryption and read only access) to connect to your bank and find your subscriptions.

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See your subscriptions

We'll send you a list of your subscriptions as soon as your bank fully syncs.

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Cancel the ones you don't want

We'll try to contact the biller you want to cancel to make sure they stop charging you!

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Lower your Comcast bill

We try to get you credits when you have an outage.
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Securely link your Comcast account & we'll analyze your bill.

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Save money

We try to get the best price without changing your current plan.

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No risk

We charge 25% of the first month's savings. If we don't save you money, you don't pay a cent.

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Dine for less

Add your Visa to Trim and get $$$ off your next purchases at restaurants and grocers (limited time offer!).
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Enroll your Visa card.

Enter the information for the Visa card you use most often. Credit or debit works.

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Use your card

At a grocer, restaurant, or retailer.

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Get a statement credit

For a limited time, you'll get $1 when you spend more than $5 at a grocery store or restaurant.

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Get even with Amazon

If something you bought on Amazon drops in price, Trim tries to get you a refund for the difference.
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Connect Your Amazon Account

We securely scan your order history and look for items that have decreased in price.

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We file the paperwork

If we find a past purchase that has become cheaper, we try to file a price protection claim with your credit card.

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You get a check

If successful, your card issuer sends you a check in the mail for the amount of the price drop.

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Asad, saved $228 a year in 1 minute
Canceled Boingo Wireless and Graze
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