Software Engineer

We're hiring full-stack software engineers. You'll be working directly alongside the founding team to write ship code. Compensation is a mix of cash and equity, with full benefits and standard start-up perks provided.


  • Designing building our core product: an AI assistant that actually helps users save money.
  • Working closely with other engineers to ensure code quality and operational stability.
  • Giving your input on architectural, strategic and hiring decisions.

Ideally you'll have:

  • 4+ years of experience with software development shipping products at scale.
  • A keen eye for product and user experience.
  • Prior work with early-stage companies.
  • Desire to work in a highly collaborative environment.
  • Ability to think critically and independently.

Marketing #1

We’re looking for our first marketing hire to help us capitalize on the amazing groundswell of viral growth we experienced after being featured by the New York Times, ABC, The Washington Post, and many other publications. As the first non-technical hire, you will have an enormous impact on Trim’s success.

You will create and execute the marketing strategy for the entire company. You’ll formalize our personas; define the brand, voice and tone; create our channel strategy; build our messaging framework; and set up and optimize the funnel from top-to-bottom. As an early employee, you’ll also have input into hiring and company strategy/positioning.


  • Create execute a content strategy to attract new customers and engage our existing customer base.
  • Create execute a paid acquisition strategy, which may include contracting and managing an external digital agency.
  • Develop display robust metrics for marketing experiments, working closely with the engineering team to put your growth analytics into code.
  • Work hard – and collaboratively -- to optimize all of the above responsibilities in a seemingly impossible timespan.


  • Significant experience in content marketing and paid acquisition
  • Quantitative ability and data-driven decision-making skills
  • Previous success marketing early-stage startups a big plus


We’re looking for a person to think about Growth, and nothing but Growth, full-time.

You're a former consultant or analyst seeking to move to a start-up, or you're at a tech company and would love to get in early at a high-growth company.


  • Accelerate our top-line growth.
  • Create and run rapid growth experiments to guide decisions with data.
  • Work closely with the founders to launch new features that contribute to growth initiatives.
  • Push the envelope of what's possible.


  • 2+ years of work experience at a start-up, consulting firm, or similar
  • Intuition for data analysis and rapid experimentation
  • Intensity, tenacity, creativity
  • Willingness to learn on the job. This position does not require directly applicable prior experience, but rather an intense desire to learn.

About Us

Trim is building an AI assistant that stops consumers from getting screwed, starting with personal finance. Trim’s first functionality – featured by the New York Times, ABC, The Washington Post, and many other publications – was a tool that finds all of your subscriptions and cancels the ones that you don’t want. Today we offer a host of additional financial assistance, from disputing late fees on your credit card to notifying you of unusual transactions.

Trim is well-funded by a syndicate of private venture capital investors. Our office is located in the Mission District of San Francisco. We proactively seek individuals from a diversity of backgrounds to join our team.

Interested in learning more? Email co-founder Thomas Smyth: thomas at asktrim dot com.

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