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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Trim do?

Trim does the hard work of saving you money and managing your financial life. We can track your spending, monitor and cancel your unwanted subscriptions, and negotiate to lower your cable, phone, and internet bills!

Plus, we’re quickly building out additional features to help our users better understand their finances, make informed decisions and save more money. Stay tuned for new features rolling out.

Who is Trim?

Ask Benjamin LLC, which does business as Trim, is a member of the OneMain family of companies. We joined the OneMain family in 2021 and share OneMain’s mission of enhancing the financial wellbeing of hardworking Americans.

Is Trim secure?

Yes — extremely. We use bank-level security, 256-bit SSL encryption on our website, and encrypted databases. This means that we don’t store, use, or see any password you enter, and we have read-only access to your transactions when you connect your bank account.

We also have two-factor authentication or OAuth when you sign in to ensure only you can access your account. You can read more about trim security.

How do I sign up for Trim?

If you are a OneMain Financial Team Member, you can sign up for Trim through your Okta account. Once logged in, just click on the Trim banner and follow the prompts.

If you are a OneMain Financial Customer, you can sign up for Trim by logging into your OneMain account. Once logged in, just click on the Trim “Sign Up for Free” button and follow the prompts.

You will be asked to verify your phone number so we can make sure you are you, and communicate with you about your account. Then, securely connect your bank account and upload a bill we can negotiate so we can start finding savings for you.

How can I access my Trim account after I've signed up?

You can access your Trim account by logging into your OneMain Financial online account at https://www.onemainfinancial.com/log-in and navigating to the Trim tile.

What does Trim cost?

As a OneMain Financial Customer, you have access to Trim features at no cost to you!

If you are a OneMain Financial Team Member, Trim is a free benefit for the first year from the date of your sign-up. During this time, you will not be charged for any of the features. After one year, fees will apply for negotiation services.

Free services for OneMain Financial Customers and Team Members may differ from Trim’s paid services and not all Trim services may be made available. Free services may be modified or discontinued.

Where is Trim available?

Most of our services are available throughout the United States. Trim services may be modified or discontinued.

How do I find and manage my subscriptions through Trim?

Trim has a unique algorithm to analyze your transactions and automatically identify your subscriptions. Once you connect the bank account where your subscriptions are charged, Trim will monitor and manage it for you. You can also ask us to cancel any unwanted subscriptions for free!

How can you save me money on my phone, internet, or cable bills?

1. You connect a telephone, wireless, cable, satellite radio, and/or internet bill to your Trim account for negotiation.

2. One of our expert bill negotiators will work on your bill to get monthly savings. When you're on the best and cheapest plan for your services and recurring savings are currently unavailable, we will negotiate for one-time credits to successfully lower your bill instead. Don’t be alarmed if you are notified that someone is calling about your account—that’s most likely us.

3. You will see these savings we have negotiated reflected in your service provider account in 1-2 billing cycles.

4. When our team identifies an opportunity to renegotiate your bill and increase or extend those savings, we'll automatically do so... no need for you to worry about it! You can also request us to negotiate your bill at any time.

How does Trim calculate savings?

Average annual savings are estimates and are based on studies of data reflecting the value of lowered bills and one-time credits negotiated by Trim and subscriptions cancelled by Trim on behalf of members:

1. Valuation of lowered bills: The member’s savings equals the difference between the original and reduced billed amount. Savings for recurring bills are annualized assuming billing would have continued for 12 months from the date negotiations concluded.

2. Valuation of one-time credits: The member’s savings equals the full value of the credit.

3. Valuation of cancelled subscriptions: The member’s savings equal the annualized cost of each cancelled subscription had it continued for 12 months from the cancellation date, unless Trim was made of aware of an earlier subscription end date.

4. Members who had no savings in their first 12 months of Trim membership reduced the average savings results.

5. The average annual savings estimates do not reflect membership or other fees members paid to Trim.

Aggregate lifetime savings are an estimate based on a study of our customers and assume the following:

1. Aggregate savings are the sum of all lowered, waived, or cancelled payments secured by Trim;

2. Savings are based on the difference between the original payment owed and the reduced amount negotiated, and waived or cancelled payments are treated as full savings of the original payment;

3. For recurring expenses, we assumed bills will continue for 12 months from the date a reduction is secured and included the full annualized savings unless we were aware of a specific contract expiration date within 12 months; and

4. Savings figures do not reflect membership fees or other fees paid to Trim.

5. The aggregate total may include discontinued services and services that are not available to OneMain Financial Customers and Team Members.

What if I don’t see Trim in my OneMain account?

Trim services may be modified or discontinued. We reserve the right to suspend access as described in the terms of use of https://asktrim.com or onemainfinancial.com.

How can I access my Trim account after I have paid off my OneMain loan?

Congratulations on paying off your loan! You can still access Trim directly – follow the instructions in this article or contact our support team for assistance.

I still have questions. How do I reach a human?

We are available via live chat: Monday to Friday 8am-5pm PT

Text us anytime: 28060

Email us anytime: help@asktrim.com.