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Above all else, we value intellectual honesty and integrity. We take on a lot of responsibility and ask for a considerable amount of trust, and hold ourselves to the highest standard of decency.

We strive for a collaborative and transparent workplace where the quality of ideas hold importance, not who said them. We constantly take creative risks and encourage bold experiments.

We're excited by what we're building, and who we're building it with.

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We are committed to a workplace that reflects the users we serve. We especially encourage women, people of color, and others who are underrepresented in the tech industry to apply.
Masheed small

Masheed Ahadi

Product Designer

Masheed is passionate about developing big ideas and crafting experiences people love. Prior to Trim, he designed and built products for a handful of startups and Fortune 500s. When he's not pushing pixels, Masheed enjoys traveling, snowboarding and ping pong 🏓.

Jessica small

Jessica Chan

Chief of Staff

Jessica loves building and scaling businesses that matter. She's excited to apply her early stage startup experiences to building the next generation of personal financial management tools and generating real value for consumers at scale.

Sidney small

Sidney Chan

Software Engineer

Sidney is the only native San Franciscan in the company. He looks forward to working at a high growth company, especially one with a good cause. Outside of work, he enjoys AYCE hotpot, watch collecting, and lifting weights.

Mark small

Mark Chen

General Manager

For years, Mark worked for the big banks and subscription companies, and is excited to leave the dark side and help consumers reclaim their financial independence. He loves scootering to work and drinking smoothies.

Nick small

Nick Fishman


Nick has been writing software for over a decade and is passionate about solving high-impact problems. He previously worked at Google, Minerva Project, and a handful of startups. He enjoys playing piano and occasionally tells a good joke.

Ryan small

Ryan Jue

Director of Growth and Marketing

Prior to Trim, Ryan was the Head of Acquisition Marketing at Lumos Labs, the market leader in brain training games. He has extensive experience in both finance and technology, and has tracked every one of his personal transactions over the last 11 years.

Jeanne small

Jeanne Lee

Software Engineer

In high school, Jeanne developed a financial management application for small businesses with her dad and is now excited to apply that experience at scale. Outside of work, she can be found losing her mind over SF’s cute dogs or looking for good chicken.

Sarah small

Sarah Lee


Sarah loves empowering others as an advocate for talent. She also serves as an advocate for survivors of domestic violence at Woman Inc. and enjoys acting, filmmaking, and being in nature.

Brionna small

Brionna Lewis

Marketing Manager

Before Trim, Brionna worked at other fintech startups because she's passionate about empowering users to meet financial goals through technology. She also enjoys travel, books and yoga—but most of all Mexican food.

Pardha small

Pardha Ponugoti

Software Engineer

Pardha is a native Hoosier who misses his dog Caesar back home. He is excited to work on a product that helps people gain peace of mind in their financial life. Pardha also enjoys biking, cooking, and playing saxophone.

Thomas small

Thomas Smyth

Co-Founder and CEO

Thomas founded Trim in 2015 to (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ on retail banking and improve Americans' financial health at scale. Previously, Thomas invested in fintech start-ups in the U.S. and sold solar-powered appliances to rural households in Zambia.

David small

David Towster

Software Engineer

As a former financier, David is excited to work on a product that helps individuals become financially savvier. A recent San Francisco transplant originally from the Midwest, David adopted all things California - cycling, skiing, and wine tasting.

Xuefan small

Xuefan Zhang

Software Engineer

Xuefan enjoys working on impactful products that help people become better parents, better spouses, and better versions of themselves. She loves her dog Eleanor, and enjoys throwing the frisbee for her so that people watching can learn how good of a dog Eleanor truly is.