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Our culture is all about building something important together.

We're here because we care. We believe that Trim is making the world a better place, slowly but surely. We believe that the scale of the internet can allow us to improve Americans' financial health in ways that weren't possible before.

We're also here because of each other. Our team is still pretty small, and we've gotten to know each other pretty well. Every person has a lot of responsibility. Every person, every day, moves the company ahead a little bit. Every person makes mistakes (and we think that's a good thing). We value hard work, honesty, and a good sense of humor.

We're hiring! If you're interested, please email us directly to jump-start the process.

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We are committed to a workplace that reflects the users we serve. We especially encourage women, people of color, and others who are underrepresented in the tech industry to apply.
Amie small

Amie Alvarado

Head Financial Coach

Amie loves working for Trim so that she can help make a difference in people’s lives and get them on track financially. On the weekends, she enjoys spending time with her toddler and learning to play the piano.

Jessica small

Jessica Chan


Jessica loves building and scaling businesses that matter. She's enjoyed a variety of strategy and operations roles from fledgling startups to large corporations, and is excited to build the next generation of personal finance tools with a passionate, smart team. To unwind, she loves to exercise, practice yoga, and binge on the latest Netflix romcom.

Rae small

Rae Corpuz

Customer Support

Rae used to lead pastry kitchens in San Francisco and is now excited to work for a company that simplifies financial management. She finds joy in pleasing customers, going out of town, and drinking boba milk tea.

Daniel small

Daniel Gardner

Software Engineer

Daniel is from the North Bay and has always had a passion for building things. As a child it was legos and today it's software. He is very excited to join Trim and help build a great financial management tool. Outside of work, Daniel enjoys going on adventures with his wife and bulldog, trying SF's new restaurants, and going to sporting events.

Karine small

Karine Hsu

Growth & Marketing

Before Trim, Karine worked at a few other e-commerce and fintech startups, including starting one of her own. She loves working with passionate teammates to build better personal finance products. Outside of work, she enjoys running and finding new snacks at the grocery store.

Philip small

Philip James

Head of Engineering

Philip is a Bay Area native and has been working in Silicon Valley since 2007. He graduated from UCSC in 2012 with a degree in Computer Science, and since then has been focused on building products that help people live their best lives. Philip runs a publishing company in his spare time, and lives in Alameda with his wife and her cat.

Poonum picture

Poonum Kaberwal

Business Operations Manager

Poonum enjoys all topics related to social impact. She's worked across government, non-profit, and tech industries to advocate for job creation and social determinants of health. She has searched long and hard for a better way to manage her own finances and now is excited to have a stronger incentive to solve for this. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis, hiking, and playing strategic boardgames.

Randall headshot

Randall Kanna

Software Engineer

Randall has been working in the bay area since 2015 and loves building things. In her spare time, she loves hanging out with her dog, spending time with family and hiking.

Ruth small

Ruth Mohanram


Ruth is passionate about organizing numbers and helping people. With over 30 years experience in finance and accounting, her expertise is direct and examined. She is an accomplished harpist and enjoys snorkeling, traveling, playing bridge and seeing Broadway shows.

Kelsey small

Kelsey Shaner

Executive Assistant

Before Trim, Kelsey worked as a freelancer in several managerial and administrative roles. She loves working with a team and company that prioritizes financial health. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs, scouting her next favorite eatery, and watching a good cult classic.

Adrien small

Adrien Smith Harrall

Director of Revenue Operations

Adrien is a career-long startup devotee who loves solving tricky problems and helping people improve their lives. A New Englander with a West Coast heart, in her free time she enjoys making clothes, art, and working her way through a never-ending reading list.

Thomas small

Thomas Smyth

Founder and CEO

Thomas founded Trim in 2015 to (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ on retail banking and improve Americans' financial health at scale. Previously, Thomas invested in fintech start-ups in the U.S. and sold solar-powered appliances to rural households in Zambia.

David small

David Towster

Software Engineer

As a former financier, David is excited to work on a product that helps individuals become financially savvier. A recent San Francisco transplant originally from the Midwest, David adopted all things California - cycling, skiing, and wine tasting.

Ekapob small

Ekapob Ukritnukun

Software Engineer

After 15 years of trial and error in numerous jobs across multiple industries, Ekapob finally found the perfect role that let him combine his love of solving problems and passion for building systems: software engineering. When not spending quality time with his family, as a walking cliché of the quintessential 90’s nerd, he’s an avid Trekkie, lifelong Gooner, and loves all things gaming, especially pen-and-paper RPGs.

Julian photo

Julian Yao

Business Operations Manager

Born and raised in Manila, Julian earned his CPA license and practiced as an external auditor, followed by stints in major telco and e-commerce companies in the Philippines. To unwind, Julian enjoys playing basketball, hitting the gym, portrait and street photography, and hunting for rare sneakers to add to his growing collection.


Yan Zhou

Senior Software Engineer

Yan loves to build and empower his team to deliver technical solutions that fuel the growth of business. He has been in various engineering roles with increasing responsibility in cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity, and food service industries and is super excited to explore the opportunities in fintech. In his spare time, Yan enjoys reading and spending time with family hiking, running and biking.

Miles small

Miles Zimmerman

Software Engineer

Miles loves creating things, whether that's building software, crafting stories, or piecing together an unremarkable pun. Born and raised in the East Bay, he is eager to grow and build Trim alongside a team of excellent people.