What Is Trim?

What Is Trim?

What is Trim?

Trim is a holistic financial management service that enables users to achieve their financial goals through personalized recommendations and savings opportunities.

What Does Trim Do?

Reduce your everyday bills:

  • Trim will negotiate your cable, internet and/or phone bill with ANY provider, lowering your bill up to 30%.
  • You can directly connect your Comcast, Time Warner (Spectrum), and AT&T accounts using your existing login credentials. For all other service providers, you can easily upload or email a bill for Trim to negotiate.
  • When Trim successfully saves you money, we charge 25% of annual savings. We only ever charge you if we save you money.
  • Trim continues to monitor your bills and will negotiate whenever we see an opportunity to save you money.
  • Monitor your spending habits
  • Trim keeps tabs on your transactions so you can quickly and easily understand where your money goes.
  • Get a breakdown of your spend by category and find out how much you spent on any merchant this month by texting “Spend [merchant_name]” instead of sifting through your transaction history.
  • Trim recognizes recurring charges to make sure you don’t have any unwanted or forgotten subscriptions.

Easily stay on track to your personal goals

  • Within your dashboard, you can check your month-to-date progress vs. last month and see your cash flow trend across months
  • Get a bird’s eye heatmap view of your daily spend across the month
  • Set a monthly target budget and check how your tracking to your target throughout the month.

Understand the full picture

  • Connect all of your financial accounts to view and track your total available funds.
  • Your Trim dashboard shows the total balance of all your connected accounts—your checking and savings account, minus money you’ve already spent (credit card debt). It’s an easy way to quickly keep tabs on your overall financial health.
  • Get personalized recommendations
  • Do you have the right credit card? Trim will recommend cards that get you the best rewards for your credit score.
  • Could you be earning more from your savings? We’ll help you sign up for and transfer money into a higher interest savings account.

More Coming Soon!

We’re quickly building out additional features to help our users better understand their finances, make informed decisions, and save more money. Stay tuned for new features rolling out every month.

Does this sound amazing? Well, it is.

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