What Is Trim?

What Is Trim?

What is Trim?

Trim is a holistic financial management service that enables users to achieve their financial goals through personalized recommendations and savings opportunities.

What Does Trim Do?

  • Reduce your everyday bills:

    • Trim will negotiate your cable, internet and/or phone bill with ANY provider, lowering your bill up to 30%.
    • You can directly connect your Comcast, Time Warner (Spectrum), and AT&T accounts using your existing login credentials. For all other service providers, you can easily upload or email a bill for Trim to negotiate.
    • When Trim successfully saves you money, we charge 33% of annual savings. We only ever charge you if we save you money.
    • Trim continues to monitor your bills and will negotiate whenever we see an opportunity to save you money.
  • Automate Savings

    • Got savings #goals? Trim’s Simple Savings empowers you to reach them! We’ll help you choose a goal, set a target and track your progress. Just set it and forget it with automated weekly transfers from your checking account and watch your money grow with a 1.5% bonus.
  • Monitor your spending habits

    • Trim keeps tabs on your transactions so you can quickly and easily understand where your money goes.
    • Get a breakdown of your spend by category and find out how much you spent on any merchant this month by texting “Spend [merchant_name]” instead of sifting through your transaction history.
    • Trim recognizes recurring charges to make sure you don’t have any unwanted or forgotten subscriptions.
  • Easily stay on track to your personal goals

    • Within your dashboard, you can check your month-to-date progress vs. last month and  see your cash flow trend across months
    • Get a bird’s eye heatmap view of your daily spend across the month
    • Set a monthly target budget and check how your tracking to your target throughout the month.
  • Get Personalized Recommendations

    • Do you have the right credit card? Trim will recommend cards that get you the best rewards for your credit score.
  • Pay off Debt

    • Trim can now help you get out of debt. Get a custom payoff plan, help lowering your APR and access to expert advice from financial coaches. The Debt Payoff program is just $10 a month and comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

Does this sound amazing? Well, it is.

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