Our Mission

At Trim, we’re building an AI assistant that automatically takes care of your financial life.

We started with the easy stuff. Need to cancel an old subscription? Trim started doing that way back in 2015. We built more nifty features that save you money, like automatic Comcast bill negotiation. So far, we’ve saved our users millions of dollars by automating little pieces of their day-to-day finances.

Now we’re starting to work on the hard stuff. Will I have enough money to retire someday? Which credit card should I get? Can my car insurance switch automatically to a cheaper provider?

The more we talk with you, our users, the more opportunities we see for Trim. Keeping track of your financial life is hard. Some days, it can feel nearly impossible. We believe that Trim can make it easy.

In five to 10 years, they say, your car will drive you around, while you put your feet up and watch the world go by out the window. No fender-benders, no stress, no time lost in traffic.

We’re building the equivalent of a self-driving car for your financial life. In five to 10 years—and hopefully sooner!—Trim will be able to manage basic financial decisions for you. Trim will steer you around the potholes (credit card debt, too-expensive insurance, late fees). Trim will make sure you have enough gas in the tank to get to your retirement destination. And Trim will free you from worrying about whether you’re making the right financial decisions.

You’ll always have an override button. But as you use Trim more and more, we hope to gain your trust, and keep it for the rest of the drive.

Our mission is to make you financially healthy. Every day, Trim will work to take you closer to the goal of 100% financial health. We’re excited to help.



We’re backed by a world-class consortium of private venture capital investors with a combined 100+ years of experience in financial technology investments.

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