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Frequently Asked Questions

What counts as a "grocery" or "restaurant" location?

Grocery and restaurant locations are any U.S. grocery stores and restaurants. Not all grocery and restaurants are monitored by Visa. Delivery services are not eligible.

Is there a fee to participate?

No, there is no fee associated with Trim Savings.

Which card should I use to make a purchase?

You must use an eligible U.S. issued Visa card enrolled in the Trim Savings program to make a qualifying purchase or else Visa will be unable to track qualifying transactions to reward you your statement credit. Only debit transactions processed by the Visa U.S.A. network are eligible to participate in the Trim Savings program. If you use a Visa debit card, you must select “credit” or “cancel” and you must not use a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Can I use my Mastercard or Amex?

You must use an eligible U.S. issued Visa card enrolled in the Trim Savings program as the only transactions Visa can track are over the Visa U.S.A. network.

How do I enroll in offers?

You must first enroll in the Trim Savings program by accepting the terms and conditions. Trim Savings program is available in the Trim bot menu where you can enroll in the Savings program and activate offers.

How do I activate an offer?

Once Trim Savings sends you an offer via Facebook Messenger, you will have the option to press an "Activate" button, or respond to the message by typing "Activate," and you will be activated.

How do I earn statement credit?

After accepting the terms and enrolling in Trim Savings program from the Trim bot menu, activate offers of interest and spend at eligible merchant locations with your enrolled Visa card. You’ll get a statement credit based on your next qualifying purchase. Each offer and enrollment is valid for a single purchase. Some offers have restrictions on which locations for that business are eligible; you can view these by clicking on “More Details” in each offer. Taxes, tips, fees, alcohol, and donations may be excluded when calculating the number of points earned.

How long will it take for me to get my reward?

Please allow for 5-7 days to receive your statement credit. Timing is subject to card issuer’s timing and processing of statement credit.

Why do you need my credit card?

Visa needs a valid U.S. issued Visa card to track your purchases to find a qualifying transaction in order to notify Trim to reward a statement credit.

How often will I get offers?

This can vary depending on the type of offer, but you can expect one about once a week.

How do I get paid?

Once you make a qualifying purchase on your enrolled Visa card you will be issued a statement credit. Please allow 5-7 days to receive your statement credit.

Can I redeem offers by shopping online?

Online redemption will depend on the specific terms of the offer. You can view these details by tapping on “See More” in an offer and then clicking on the linked Terms.

Is there a maximum amount of statement credits I can earn?

The amount of statement credit you can earn depends on the offer. You can view these details by tapping on an offer tile in Trim Savings.

Do my offers expire?

Expiration dates for offers differ for each offer. You can view these details by tapping on an offer tile in Trim Savings.

How do I opt out of Trim Savings?

You can opt out by clicking on Trim Savings in your Trim dashboard and then clicking opt-out or by typing “Stop Trim Savings.” When you opt out, we will stop tracking your transactions, you will be unenrolled from all offers, and will lose any points you have earned toward statement credits.

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