What Is Trim?

Trim_Protecting Whats Yours

Trim is a personal assistant that saves money for you.

It’s like a fairy godmother for your finances. Trim’s “A.I.” — artificial intelligence — automatically analyzes your accounts and finds ways to put money back in your wallet.

What Trim does today:

  • Finds and cancels your old subscriptions
  • Negotiates your Comcast bill
  • Contests overdraft fees with your bank
  • Sends you alerts about your finances: large transactions, deposits, low balance, unexpected fees, and more
  • Allows you to keep track all of your accounts and charges. For example, you can text “Balance” to Trim if you want to see your real-time balance.
  • Identifies expenses that can be reduced, like credit card interest payments and too-expensive car insurance.
  • Helps you save for retirement by opening an investment account.

You sign up for Trim by linking your accounts so that the Trim A.I. can scan them and get to work. You can see what Trim is doing in your online dashboard (go.asktrim.com), and you can also communicate with Trim through SMS or Facebook Messenger.

Someday, Trim will be able to handle your entire financial life for you.

What Trim will do in the future:

  • Automatically find more ways to save you money
  • Optimize your credit card based on your spending history
  • Refinance your mortgage, car loan, or personal loan if interest rates decrease
  • Help you navigate big, complicated financial decisions, like saving for retirement or managing a budget.


Let the humans behind Trim know if you have questions: help@asktrim.com. Thanks for trying out Trim!


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