No Weird Tricks: Get On That Resolution

BOOM! 2017!

“New year, new you,” right? Or same you, with a few new, ambitious goals. Perhaps they’re health or job related? What about the moolah? If you’re making resolutions, don’t forget the 🤑.

While exercise and getting a raise at work are both important, it’s also worth taking this clean break from last year to give your finances a review.

With the current transition of virtually every service to some form of a subscription, it would be worth your time to have a look at your bank statement. What’s the plan? What are your recurring payments? Do you want to save for a vacation? After all, you just had one.

Maybe take some time to do some budgeting. Where does it all go? Cut the fat. Burn it, if you have to. Sign up for Trim, of course. Look at your new dashboard and marvel at the account balances. Or cry, depending.

Start 2017 off right before you get too busy, or run out of money. Happy New Year from Trim.

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