Finding Cheaper Car Insurance

🔑 = Shop around for”🚗💸” (car insurance) b/c you are probably paying too much.

From now on we are going to call it “🚗💸” because (a) your money is flying away whenever you pay for “🚗💸” and (b) people hate talking about “🚗💸”.

1. If you have a car, drag yourself off Snapchat and figure out if you should be paying less for “🚗💸”.

2. Stop procrastinating and do #1 already 😃.

3. We look for “🚗💸” with this website called CoverHound which lets you compare quotes from a bunch of different “🚗💸” companies. The big one that’s missing is Geico, so you should also go to their website.

Someday Trim will be able to find you cheaper “🚗💸” automatically, so you can stay on Snapchat and be lazy and still save money 🎉. Stay tuned…

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