Did your Comcast bill go up recently?

Comcast has a reputation not only for atrocious customer service, but also slyly hiking their monthly rates for services without any notice or explanation.

A simple Google search for “Comcast increasing my bill” will yield thousands of disgruntled customers bitter and confused as to why their bill was increasing. One customer went so far as to say “I would NEVER recommend Comcast to anyone unless you want to add more stress and frustration into your life.”

It seems that Comcast has a tendency to inch up their rates a couple of dollars some months for certain services, or package deals like their Triple Play for phone, internet and cable.

Another customer who experienced particular issues with their Triple Play package pricing. “I signed up for the triple play in December 2014 that was supposed to be $79 the first year and $99 the second year.  They have been charging me $148 the entire time, they are not able to give me any of the money that I overpaid,” the customer said.

People who call Comcast are greeted with hold music, infamous customer service, and a generic response about the increasing costs of installing new Fiber Optic technology. Unfortunately, the customers who are paying for these upgrades are far from receiving the benefits. They are never warned of emerging price hikes, and have to wait on the phone for hours to get explanations, rarely resulting in a price adjustment.

Comcast hopes that users will:

(1) Not notice the change in the price of their services or

(2) Be so sick of their customer service that they won’t bother to inquire.

So watch your bill carefully!

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