Trim Launches Trim Savings, a New Way for Consumers to Save Money

New feature allows consumers to earn cash back on purchases they are already making

SAN FRANCISCO — Trim has announced Trim Savings, a revolutionary way for consumers in the U.S. to get money back on their everyday purchases. With Trim Savings, users link their eligible U.S. Visa card and then activate offers for a variety of stores and restaurants using Trim’s chatbot. Activated offers are then automatically redeemed via a statement credit when consumers use their linked card.

“In the future, we want every American to have a digital assistant that works tirelessly to save them money,” said Thomas Smyth, CEO and co-founder of Trim. “That’s what Trim Savings does, and is the first of its kind to deliver tangible benefit to users.”

Trim Savings uses the Visa Commerce Network to provide offers from stores and restaurants that are relevant to the purchases an enrolled user makes. Trim then asks if the user would like to activate the offer, which upon a qualifying transaction, will appear as a statement credit on the user’s account statement, and they are alerted of the credit within the chatbot. Users don’t need to download an app, print anything, or worry about a coupon code.

For a limited time, new Trim Savings users are eligible for up to $40 in promotional cash back offers across four categories: groceries, dining, shopping, and movie purchases. These promotional discounts serve to introduce new users to the process of activating and redeeming a card-linked offer – a brand-new experience for most Americans.

Users can sign up at using their eligible Visa card. There’s no charge to enroll.

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