The 5 Biggest Subscription Rip-Offs

In an era where there’s a subscription for just about anything, it’s easy to fall prey to the system and subscribe for something inadvertently or forget to cancel a trial. Here’s a list of the companies that our users are most likely to axe.

  1. Blue Mountain eCards – Unbelievably people pay monthly and annual subscription fees to Blue Mountain (also known as American Greetings) in order to send electronic greeting cards or “eCards” to their loved ones, or perhaps would-be admirers. We recommend getting crazy with the free fonts in Gmail instead.
  2. Planet Fitness – Coming in at number two is Planet Fitness, at a cancellation rate of 30.4%. The monthly rate of $10 when you sign up around the New Year attracts a lot of customers, but as the year wanes so too does the interest in membership.
  3. TransUnion – This information services company is most well known for their credit report and credit score offerings. Reeling customers in with a $1 trial subscription, Experian continues to charge your account small amounts for the months following your first report. You’ll usually need to call in order to cancel.
  4. GogoAir - Airplane wifi giant GogoAir comes in fourth on the list with a 23.6% cancellation rate. GogoAir touts affordable monthly rates across multiple airlines for frequent travelers, reeling in customers and putting a small but consistent dent in credit card statements.
  5. Audible - Last on the list is the most popular audiobook service out there, Audible. With over 150,000 recorded bestsellers and other books, Audible offers a free one month trial followed by a $15/month membership. But some Trim users might tell you that listening to more audiobooks ended up being an aspiration rather than a reality.

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