We can save you $120 per year on your Comcast bill.

We negotiate with Comcast. You get the savings.

Our Promise

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Link your Comcast account & we'll analyze your bill for promos and discounts.

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Save Money

We negotiate for the best price without changing your current plan.

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We charge 25% of the first month's savings. If we don't save you money, you don't pay a cent.

In 2014, consumers voted Comcast the worst company in America.

How it Works

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Sign In

Welcome to Trim, in 15 seconds.

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Connect Comcast

Securely connect your Comcast account using 256-bit encryption.

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You Save Money

The average Trim user saves $120/year, and we'll keep negotiating your bill in the future.

"Comcast had a nasty habit of jacking up my bill. Trim saved me $50/month."

John, saved $600 a year.
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